A Dominant Speaks

A Dominant Speaks
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The indomitable Porsche Lynn has granted the interview of a lifetime. The S&M star reveals all to the reporter, beginning with the 70's when S&M was as worry free as sex. She tells of a girl she trained as a dom named Dana. This client was always a favorite, a fast learner and so enthusiastic. And for good reason. Dana's slave, Kiki, was a hot sex-pot, beautiful and as sweet as they come: every dominants dream submissive. A beautiful body and a willingness to submit to even the most degrading of activities to please her mistress. In the 80's whipping became more prevalent, even fashionable. And through the whipping the submissive loss control, as was the case with Helena. She did all she could to push Porsche to her own limits, to whip harder, to devise more imaginative tortures. As Helen's threshold for pain increased, so was Porsches unique ability to torture driven to new extremes. As our reporter listens to Porsches story she finds her distaste for S&M has been replaced by a nagging curiosity. Perhaps, Porsche can find time to show her the ropes.