Queen of Dominance

Queen of Dominance
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Sharon has three days to get her hands on three items needed to secure her position as the reigning female supreme among all females. A diamond that is the legacy of one rich and powerful family, an Olympic Gold Medal, and finally a rare Ming vase that sits locked and heavily guarded in a museum. Prying the combination of a wall safe from a spoiled socialite brat is a modestly easy undertaking. Forcing a washed up athlete to spill the whereabouts of her precious medal? All in a day's work for the dominant bitch mistress. But the museum guard is another matter entirely. This third challenge is the greatest of all. Sharon must utilize all her skills merely to let this woman know she means business. Then it is a matter of mixing pain with pleasure in a vile scene of seductive torture. Ariel Cole, Gigi, and Greta Karlson play the victims to Sharon Kane in this erotic tale of one woman's pursuit of the coveted title of Queen of the Dominant.