The Whips & Chains Affair

The Whips & Chains Affair
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Renegade commander unleashes her fury on fellow agents. It's a new assignment for secret agent Rebecca. The assignment, investigate alleged wrong doings of one agency's training school instructors. If she finds her methods have gotten out of hand, and she is to apprehend and terminate her post. With assignment accepted, Rebecca arrives at the training complex. Once inside Rebecca is quick to discover that all is not right with fellow agent Katrina. Rebecca observes one of the trainees April, has turned into a zombie. She then watches as a second trainee, Sherry, is broken down by means of whips, nipple torture and suspension. After the session Rebecca goes to Sherry to plot an escape. Meanwhile the out of control Katrina is punishing April. Is the punishment just, or has Katrina gone completely mad. Katrina with the aid of April capture's Rebecca and Sherry on their attempted escape. This finds agent Rebecca at the diabolical hands of agent Katrina. Rebecca forced to strip and endure the tortures that Katrina delivers. Does this mean an end for Rebecca, Sherry, and April or will sanity prevail?